Who we are and how can we assist you


The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) of 2011 has presented both Exporters and Importers with new regulations and challenges.

Food Safety and Quality Organization (FSQO) will guide their clients through the web of regulations and standards presented by the FSMA and offer creative and efficient solutions to complex problems.

We provide food companies with the technical-legal services of auditing, information, consultation, development and solutions of their various problems, achieving improvement and compliance with complex international, national, state and municipal standards, thus securing a more efficient, technical and legal business.

We are staffed with professionals who are Lead Instructors of Preventive Food Controls for Humans and Animals, as well as the New Product Standard, and who are also Lead Instructors of the FSVP standard.

We are the solution to the situation confronted by the Importers and also the Exporter regarding the Foreign Supplier Verification Programs (FVSP) Standard.
In addition, some in our staff are auditors of; certifiers and/or food research employees from different government entities. Our staff is fluent in both Spanish and English, giving us an advantage in resolving situations locally and abroad as well as having offices in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil and the United States of America.


We offer the following:

  • Preventive Controls Qualify Individual (PCQI) FSPCA course
  • AFDO / Seafood HACCP Alliance for SHA Basic Seafood HACCP Course, Segment Two HACCP Courses, and the related Sanitation Control Procedures (SCP) Course
  • PSA Grower Training Course
  • Facility registration/facility inspection assistance
  • Emergency assistance with FDA import holds, detentions, warning letters, and refusals
  • FDA import alert counsel, petitions, and advocacy
  • Export certificates
  • Food Safety Plan and Audits for Exporters and Importers
    This may include: - Hazard Analysis (§117.130)
    - Preventive Controls (§117.134[c])
    - Monitoring (§117.145)
    - Corrective Actions (§117.150[A][2])
    - Verification (§117.155)
    - Validation (§117.160)
    - Verification of Implementation and Effectiveness (§117.165)
    - Verification Record Review (§117.165[A][4])
    - Verification of Written Procedure (§117.165[B])
    - Reanalysis (§117.170)
  • FSVP Compliance
  • Food processing facilities design